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Introducing collaboration into the redesign of a work application
Yu Centrik Inc.
The Challenge

Yu Centrik involvement consisted in promoting the passage of hand written documents into a digital format, while making sure to understand the current tasks performed by building inspectors, and implement a principle of collaborative design to improve the usability of their application.

Yu Centrik Inc.
The Solution

Over several weeks, we learned about the building inspectors’ work through: 1) observation (shadowing) in their work environment and on the road, 2) interviewing them and 3) analyzing their work.
We then created a collaborative team. We worked closely with building inspectors and IT analysts in co-creation workshops to identify their work strategies and validate various versions of the prototypes.

This study allowed us to analyze and optimize the building inspectors work process as it relates to the application.
Co-creation allowed both the project owners, the building inspectors and the IT team to collaborate more and change the way design was done internally, allowing collaboration and iterative design.

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