Quebec Pension Plan

Improving a Service for Citizens
Yu Centrik Inc.
The Challenge

Quebec Pension Plan’s call centre receives hundreds of calls every day from people looking for information on subjects such as child support and pension programs. The main objective of this project was to optimize the delivery of the future services. The services had to continue to effectively meet the expectations of citizens, in a context of growing requests and limited human resources.

Yu Centrik Inc.
The solution

In order to improve the service, we started identifying the problems of the current Interactive Voice Response system (IVR). We conducted an evaluation, and ran field studies and interviews with the customer relations representatives.
Through user research activities and testing, we discovered that among the issues identified, the most common were related to terminology (vocabulary, labels, jargon as well as the syntax) and too many options in the menus. We optimized the information architecture and improved the clarity of specific messages.

The metrics gathered on the redesigned system showed:

successfully Interactive Voice Response system handled calls increased by 56%
– the revised information capsules were successfully met the customer needs
– use of the self-service phone system increased

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