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What is UX-PM?

The UX-PM Certification is an international user experience (UX) training program for digital product, IT, marketing and project managers.

There are 3 levelsAdopting UXExecuting UX, and Leading UX. Each level builds to expand knowledge of UX and how to integrate and manage it to achieve an awesome user experience in your projects. Each level is offered as a 2-day course, is certified by the UXalliance and is internationally recognized.

Today more 3000 participants have been certified worldwide.

Ever wondered how to ensure the user experience (UX) is considered in a project? How to include UX tools? How to cultivate a user centered design culture?

The UX-PM 1 certification is for product owners, digital marketing, and project managers, who want to understand the fundamentals of UX, adopt UX methodologies in their projects and encourage a customer-centered design culture in their organisations.


UX-PM 1: Adopting UX

  • Understand key UX concepts, methods, misconceptions and challenges
  • Capture the benefits of a UX approach
  • Be familiar with UX tools and methods
  • Learn methods to integrate user experience into your digital projects
  • Become a UX ambassador in your organization

Targeted Audience

IT and digital managers including product owners, account managers, product managers, project managers, marketing managers. Its for those who want to better understand UX and/or how to integrate UX activities into their projects. No prerequisite is needed for UX-PM 1 certification apart from a curiosity for the subject.

Course Details

Starting with a clear breakdown of what user or customer experience is and is not, this course aims to fully demystify UX. In this course, we will cover:

  • User experience, user-centered design, interaction design, usability, context and how they are all related
  • Common misconceptions and challenges of UX and its disciplines
  • User behaviour and design-making processes (cognitive mechanisms, emotional responses, etc.)
  • Principles and benefits of integrating UX activities into product and service development
  • How and when to involve users in the process – the methods and the value of a strategy based on collaboration and empathy
  • How to integrate the collected user insights in a Persona and how to map th experience
  • Costs, challenges, benefits, and gains (i.e. ROI) of integrating UX activities into a development process
  • UX as a communication tool and how to promote the value UX within an organiaation
  • Immersion and practical application: Review of various solutions, exploring some case studies, persona & journey mapping, workshop discussion and role-playing to sharpen the course participants’ UX and usability skills.
    A combination of theory and problem-solving exercises.

Certification Exam

There is an online certification exam at the end of the second day of training.

Regular fee : $1860
Preferential fee, 3 participants+ : $1650

Next dates:
Montréal April 14-15, Nov. 4-5 2019
Québec March 19-20, Oct. 28-29 2019
Gatineau Feb. 11-12 2019
Ottawa On demand (English)

For more info,
contact us 514 605-9823


Testimonial IMG UX Yu Centrik

“I would recommend this training because it clarifies a lot of concepts gathered here and there, and because it puts a structure to help form a global vision of what user experience is really about.”,
Genevieve S., Marketing Manager

Who's Teaching?
Ux agency Yucentrik Joëlle Stemp ceo

Joelle Stemp founded the UX agency Yu Centrik in 2003. With great perseverance and adaptability, Yu Centrik was steered through many technological and societal changes to reach 2017 with great relevance. Joelle is a pioneer in the adoption of user experience and service design in Quebec. With a background in communications and a talent for design, Joelle began her career as a designer specialized in user interfaces and has spent the last 25 years involved in projects related to user experience and convergent medias (Web, digital TV, mobile, IVR, OOH).

Joelle designed the first Campus Wide Information System (CWIS) on the Internet for the University of Montreal in 1990 and was part of a user interface group at CRIM (Montreal Computing Research Center). Being as one of the first Certified HFI’s Usability Analyst, she continues to learn about human behaviour and is still as passionate as ever to design engaging products and services that customers will love using. Joelle is very involved in teaching the UX-PM Certification program developed in collaboration with her partners at UXalliance, a global network of User Experience Experts.

Natalie Jhaveri brings thirteen years of experience practicing user-centered design, seven of which were in software companies and six years in mobile solutions. Having worked in large companies such as Nokia, she understands well how to integrate the design of digital projects, the needs of clients, business objectives, and technological constraints. Natalie values lean, Agile UX methods and collaborative design. She designed and developed her first HTML pages in 1996 for Nortel’s intranet. Since then she has been fascinated with people and technology, and the integration of human factors into product and service design. She spent 5 years in Finland and was very much immersed into Nokia’s culture. Natalie has an M.Sc. in Interactive Technology (HCI unit – University of Tampere, Finland) and a B.Sc. in Computer Science (University of Ottawa).

Duration fees and Location

2 full-day sessions
Regular fee $1860 + taxes
Group discount (3+) $1650 + taxes

The Canadian UX-PM certification is currently available in: Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City & Toronto. Outside of Canada, the certification is offered in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Brazil, Finland, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, and Switzerland, with more countries coming.

Certification UX Training Yu Centrik
Cancellation & Copyright

Yu Centrik, the UX agency, reserves the right to cancel a course up to 5 business days prior to the scheduled course date if the minimum class size of 4 participants has not been attained.
Yu Centrik is not responsible for travel, accommodation, or any other expenses incurred as a result of a cancellation.
If a cancellation occurs more than 4 weeks prior to the scheduled course date, an 85% refund will be provided. If a cancellation occurs 3 to 4 weeks prior to the scheduled course date, a 50% refund will be provided. No refunds are provided when cancellation occurs within 1 week of the scheduled course date.
All UXalliance course materials are copyrighted and owned exclusively by UXalliance.