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UX Certification Yu Centrik

Understanding the fundamentals of User Experience is a critical first step, regardless of your background or objective.

The UX-PM Certification is an international training program designed for IT and digital managers including product owners, marketing managers and project managers eager to learn about User Experience.

The certification is internationally recognized and certified by the UXalliance. Yu Centrik is the sole Canadian agency responsible for the UX-PM training.

Over 1000 professionals around the globe are already certified.

UX Courses Yu Centrik

You’d like to improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce flow? We have a course for that. Often just improving the usability of the forms reduces the drop-off. Learn the UX principles to create usable and engaging forms to guide your design and create a fluid, efficient user experience.

You’d like to know how to get insight from your customers, understand how to analyze their behaviour and use appropriate techniques to design your products? We also have a course for that.

You are keen to learn how to innovate and bring your team to think out of the box? Our Design Thinking course can help you as well.