A unique UX agency

Yu Centrik is 17 years old!

Created in 2003, Yu Centrik is a Montreal-based company specialized in experience design. We map the experience of your products and services. We map and design multichannel experiences, useful, usable and engaging. Providing quality customer service is a continuous process, we believe user experience techniques and usability play a major role in the assessment and adoption of products and services.

We partner with our clients in the design of successful groundbreaking products and services. We improve the productivity, satisfaction and overall UX of complex systems.

Our multidisciplinary and talented team of User Experience Designers, Engineers, Industrial Designers, Computer Scientists and Trainers is dedicated to user research and design.

Above all, we are inspired by a passion for people and their relationship with technology.

Celebrating 15 years
UXalliance Group


The UX certification program is internationally recognized and certified by the UX Alliance.

Yu Centrik is the sole Canadian agency responsible for the UX-PM training. Over 4500 professionals around the globe are already certified.

Sharing our knowledge is at the heart of our work!