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Feb 2018

The Experience Map, an essential deliverable!

In every User Researcher and UX Designer’s toolbox, is a deliverable that reaches everyone, is easy to interpret and able to convert the most recalcitrant:..

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Nov 2017

World Usability Day!

Today is World Usability Day. This year is about “user experience inclusion“. This theme reminds us of the positive impact on users of a job well done, with usability..

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Oct 2017

2 conferences of interest held in Montreal

2 events of interest to follow in the next two weeks. Both relate to our field: the premier international gathering on ethnography in industry organised by EPIC will be..

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Jul 2017

Service Design of Public Services to Inspire Citizens

For over a decade now, several governments have used Service Design to transform their policies, infrastructures in order to get closer to the citizens. Service..

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May 2017

A special offer on our practical digital guide on how to Design Engaging Forms!

Forms are often neglected and yet they can be one of the most crucial elements of engagement. This practical digital guide in PDF format, in English, is..

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Apr 2017

UX + Agile: A winning formula in complex IT projects

Part I: Task analysis Earlier this month at the 2017 PMI symposium, we presented a case study about how a Montréal IT firm we collaborate..

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Mar 2017

Love. Patterns. Inclusiveness. Creativity.

Notes from Michael Gough at ConveyUX 2017 Earlier this month in Seattle, Michael Gough, Chief Design Officer at Microsoft, was one of the keynote speakers..

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Mar 2017

IN FLUX Service Design Conference

Here’s an interesting recap of IN FLUX, the last Service Design Network conference in Toronto we attended and presented at: “Like so many of you,..

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Mar 2017

Have you evaluated the maturity of customer experience in your organisation?

Today, many industries and organisations are being disrupted. They are facing more agile digital competition, while having to support legacy products that provide a large portion of..

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