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Mar 2017

Have you evaluated the maturity of customer experience in your organisation?

Today, many industries and organisations are being disrupted. They are facing more agile digital competition, while having to support legacy products that provide a large portion of..

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Feb 2017

Design Thinking always brings value!

With the right approach, Design Thinking is a product & service design process that always brings value. During the ideation phase quantity is favoured over..

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Feb 2017

DEMYSTIFY UX – Get informed, trained and certified!

Do you know how to: Promote the adoption of your products and your services? Improve the quality of your customer service? Ensure the usability of..

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Dec 2016

The UX Designer Holiday Survival Kit

It was in 1995 when renowned cognitive psychologist and designer Don Norman invented the term user experience (UX) to describe the activities of his team..

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Oct 2016

5 practical tips for remote testing with children

Working on project with/for children is always more challenging. Here are 5 guidelines for remote testing with kids between the ages of 9 and 12...

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Sep 2016

Tobo Workshop

During a project, do you sometimes feel that you can’t see the forest for the trees? This is a problem that our customers meet regularly...

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Sep 2016

Don Norman and the definition of "UX"

The  Nielsen Norman Group asked Don Norman what he feels about the way people are using terms like “UX” and “user experience” these days.

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Aug 2016

Best Practices for Designing Forms

Would you like to improve the conversion rate of your e-commerce flow? Often just improving form usability reduces the dropout rate. Learn UX principles to..

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Jul 2016

What is Brainsketching?

As we prepare for our next Design Thinking Workshop, we wanted to share a useful collaborative technique. Brainsketching  allows teams and stakeholders to surface design..

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Jun 2016

UX and Service design: What’s the link?

UX and service design appear to be two distinct fields of practice, yet these terms seem to be used interchangeably in all that relates to..

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