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Tailoring Insurance Quoting Tool for Brokers
Yu Centrik Inc.
The Challenge

Yu Centrik‘s mandate was to evaluate and optimize an Insurance Quote Application used by insurance brokers, on the phone with clients in real-time.

Yu Centrik Inc.
The solution

Yu Centrik‘s team evaluated the tool, interviewed some brokers, and redesigned the tool with respect to their needs and the business rules that should be considered when a broker responds to clients’ telephone calls.

The new tool enabled a global view of all relevant functionalities when responding to a submission/claim, keeping call time to a minimum and allowing the agent to move on to another call. The tool also offered complementary services suggestions to the agent, so that the client’s offer could be maximized.

Yu Centrik agency reduced error rates, and facilitated task learning, as well as increased sales volume and retention, efficiency of new recruits and reduced training.

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