National Bank of Canada

Designing the First Mobile Banking Experience
Yu Centrik Inc.
The Challenge

Yu Centrik was tasked with providing the National Bank a rapid, large-scale design of its mobile website and application for iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Quite a challenge!

Yu Centrik Inc.
The solution

6 months before launch, with three interaction designers on board, we delivered on a fast-paced mode 900 wireframes following an Agile methodology.

Yu Centrik was involved throughout the process, from user experience strategy to designing interactions and user and quality testing, including tutorials in video format.
The key to the success of this “extreme” project was working closely with NBC and CGI, the development team: a small multidisciplinary group of BNC were available to participate in collaborative design workshops. A small user group was formed to collaborate on the design and participate in the validation steps. Representatives of the IT team were constantly involved to help validate the technical feasibility of interactions. BNC Stakeholders made themselves available to validate and approve the concepts and mock-ups. Prototypes and quick usability tests were run throughout the project allowing for some gorilla validation of the concepts, User Interfaces and User Experience.
The application received a four star rating on iTunes when it was launched in 2011. 29,000 downloads were made in the first month and 11,000 transactions in the first 10 days after launch.

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