Living Lab

Exploring the Perception of the Transportation System
Yu Centrik Inc.
The Challenge

The Living Lab of Montreal is a center of co-creation and open innovation
enabling collaboration between citizens, researchers, entrepreneurs and policy makers. In 2012, Living Lab launched TranspoCamp, a citizen platform which aims to engage discussions on urban transport, technology, urban planning, and the living environment around the public transport. Yu Centrik‘s role and objective in this project was to understand the relationship between bicycles, cars and pedestrians, in order to improve the transportation experience.

Yu Centrik Inc.
The Solution

During the TranspoCamp forum, we conducted two workshops followed a few days later by 30 interviews in the street. We, Yu Centrik, then carried out an online survey with 86 participants, and then ran a discussion group. Here are some of the improvement ideas that emerged from our research with citizens:

Infrastructure: More bicycle paths, wider, for different speeds, well maintained, streets fully devoted to cyclists and pedestrians, alternate crossing areas, increase visibility on the road for pedestrians at night, etc.

Regulation: A street code of conduct, better urban signage, bicycle licences, speed limits, more tickets, mandatory helmets and lights, etc.

Education/Awareness: Awareness in schools, raising awareness of motorists to bicycles, bikes to motorists, providing a universal way to move in Montreal, etc.
Community: Be less in a hurry, a logo on the helmet and on the car indicating that we recognize and respect one another, etc.

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