Engaging citizens in a Health Challenge
Yu Centrik Inc.
The Challenge

The Health Challenge is a 6-week program that encourages people and families to adopt a healthy lifestyle. The project objective was to increase participation by attracting new visitors and subscribers before the registration period.

Yu Centrik Inc.
The Solution

In order to meet our objective, we, Yu Centrik, started by identifying usability issues and simplifying the registration process. We then used persuasive design techniques and social influence to encourage positive behavior changes. We also conducted co-design workshops with stakeholders and users to define the ecosystem, the customer journey map and the new information architecture of the website. Usability testing was conducted throughout the project to validate our assumptions and design concepts.

The new website was launched at the beginning of 2012 with a new Facebook approach. It resulted in 50% increase compare to 2011, so more than 15 000 new subscriptions.

For this Client we also worked on the Quit to Win Challenge which is a province-wide campaign that takes place each year. It helps smokers who are ready to quit smoking to take action. The goal of this research was to understand how to motivate people to stop smoking using social media and persuasive design principles.

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