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Tips for a smooth cycling experience
Jun 2014

Tips for a smooth cycling experience

Cycling experience tips

As the warm weather sinks in, many of us turn to cycling as the transport mode of choice. Whether you’re reuniting with an old bike this spring or considering a new one, Yu Centrik’s engineers, designers, ergonomists and avid cyclists share their personal top tips for a smooth cycling experience.

Seat suspension



I like my seat suspension because it protects me from the effects of the many potholes of our city.
Seat suspension

Make it comfortable to carry


Pad the seating tube at the place where it presses into your arm so you can carry your bike in comfort.
Make it easy to carry

A lightweight chain lock



The thing that saves me is my chain lock: it transports well on the bike and lets you lock your front wheel no matter what sort of bike stand you’re locking it to.
Chain lock

Easy GPS access

I use a waterproof holster to attach my iPhone to my handlebars. Google Maps guides me through the bike paths and lets me discover alternative routes.

Front break first


The one thing that I think most people should try to do is break with the front break. It’s a small trick that keeps you safe. If every you need to break suddenly, wearing out the front break a little bit will make it much less likely to jam. This happened to me once and I flipped over the bike.
Front break first

Removable saddle

I like being able to easily remove the saddle because there’s always the possibility of having it stolen.

A good mud guard

For me it’s the mud gard. This is my armour. Its width, length and the presence of deflectors protect me from the consequences of speedy riding in messy conditions.
Good mud guard

Shoulder position

Slide your shoulder blades down your upper back while you ride. This frees your neck from tension and prevents your wrists from absorbing shock.
Shoulder position
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