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May 2021

A break from publishing blogs

Following this ever-lasting pandemic, we are taking a break from blogging and wish you a great summer, enjoy and take care of your loved ones!!

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Oct 2020

UX Masterclass, virtual conference Dec.4-5-, 2020

        The theme for the 2020 UX Masterclass Virtual Conference is: “The changing face of UX. Global perspective ”. Join the UX..

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Jun 2020

Panel discussions on how to conduct in-person research during-after Covid-19

UXalliance is having two panel discussions coming up in one week (Wednesday June 24). Join the UX research community in discussing how we can safely conduct..

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Mar 2020

Join the Second Free Webinar on Global Research with UXalliance Experts

                      People are at the heart of global research. So what can a researcher do..

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Mar 2020

COVID-19, 5 good reasons to do remote usability testing

5 Reasons Remote Testing Is Better Right Now

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Mar 2020

UX Certification – New dates en 2020

        New dates for Spring and Summer 2020 are now available in Ottawa, Toronto & Vancouver. The UX-PM Certification is an international user experience..

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Dec 2019

Season Greetings

Thanks to you all, Clients, UX-PM Certified participants and Friends for your continuous support. We support Kiva an international nonprofit organization with a mission to expand financial..

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Aug 2019

New UX Training Dates

New dates for Fall 2019 are now available in Ottawa, Toronto & Vancouver. The UX-PM Certification is an international user experience (UX) training program for digital..

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Feb 2019

Food for thought

Some interesting readings from our UXalliance partners: Retail Benchmark: The personalized Customer Experience  part 1 and part 2, from Sutherlands Labs, UK UX principles for..

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