Webtech Wireless

Improving the efficiency of a GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions
Yu Centrik Inc.
The Challenge

Through Wavefront, Yu Centrik helped Webtech Wireless in Vancouver evaluate and improve the efficiency of a GIS (Geographic Information System) software vehicle tracking with target audiences. The first goal was to get internal buy-in by involving some stakeholders in the evaluation process, and the second was to help them design a new product and bring it to the market.

Yu Centrik Inc.
The Solution

To understand the impact of the context and environment on the use of this type of product, Yu Centrik did a thorough contextual analysis which includes field studies involving the observations of users with the product. Discovering users needs and expectations and analyse tasks allowed to capture the usability issues as well as getting insights on how to improve and optimize the tasks.

We made sure to listen to the three voices: the voice of business, the voice of the market and the voice of the users, and through collaborative design activities and brainsketching method got a common vision of an innovative concept.
This study helped to clarify expectations, motivations and user behaviour with respect to the product. It also revealed some design solutions that are based on real user interactions and move beyond the technical specifications of the product.

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