Barnes & Noble

Onboarding with the Nook Reader
Yu Centrik Inc.
The Challenge

Barnes&Noble’s Nook Simple Touch e-reader underwent a full interface redesign. This new product needed to be tested with consumers in order to validate the onboarding as well as the full experience. The usability tests would also reveal any issues with the usability that should be solved before launch.

Yu Centrik Inc.
The Solution

Behaviour user research was the method of choice for this study. We conducted in-lab usability testing in order to understand user’s experience from opening the package to the product usage. General ease of use of the device.

Yu Centrik observed the effectiveness of the guidance, feedback, navigation, loading page while reading and recovery of errors, as well as the registration flow, shopping/buying process and the reading experience especially in the dark.

Effectiveness of the contextual tools while reading a book.
Many interesting facts regarding readers habits and behaviors have been gathered during this study and we reported some issues and recommendations to fix the problems

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