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UXMasterclass 2015, Sydney – recap 2
Apr 2015

UXMasterclass 2015, Sydney – recap 2

Customer changing rapidly

More about the  UXMasterclass 2015 conference organised by PwC Australia Digital Change in Sydney.

This time from Eugene Macey, Customer Strategy, PwC presenting “The changing customer landscape, and how best to respond”.


The 5 “mega-trends” PwC sees in the world today...

  1. Demographic shifts
  2. Accelerating urbanization
  3. Shift of economic power to the emerging market will be double
  4. Climate change and resources scarcity, technological breakthroughs
  5. Technical advances will help to answer other mega-trends (dessalination, turn moister into water for culture, mobile gives access to artificial intelligence…)

As a company, what the megatrends means for you, they are new but not proprietary, the opportunity lies in the companies to create a sustainable competitive advantage, understand the skillsets the businesses will need and be optimistic, business has proved the ability to be sucessful in challenging times, be confident it will continue.


How are these mega-trends impacting customers?

Customers needs are rapidly changing, they expect more, they trust their peers, they are informed, they have choices and they have a voice. This results in the “Always on” customer.


So how should we respond to all this change?

  • Customer Targeting & Conversion
  • Dynamic Customer Engagement
  • Offering Innovation
  • Branded Customer Experience
  • Employees as advocates
  • Agile Service Delivery

So, what are the key takeaways for this presentation?

  • Focus on the customer delivers tangible commercial outcomes…
  • Be bold, innovative and agile


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