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Apr 2008

IA Summit: Day 4

It’s 1 in the morning and here I am back in Montreal after the last day of the conference: quite the positive experience.

Some of the IA Summit’s strongest attributes are the excellent ambiance, where knowledge sharing and constant encouragement from the event organizers enlightens this unique opportunity to spend four days in the company of world-renowned information architects (it’s not every day that we find ourselves in the same room as Jesse James Garret, Jared Spool, Peter Morville, etc.).  Inevitably, there were also some weaknesses, such as a few less interesting subjects and unprepared speakers.

For those who follow our information architecture training or those who are just interested in the subject, I highly recommend you find your way down there.  Me, I’m already waiting for February 2009 when the next summit will take place in Memphis, Tennessee.

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