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Dec 2007

Happy Holidays!

Well, 2007 is quickly coming to an end with its wheels spinning…but we could not finish it off without passing on our best wishes for continued good health, prosperity and happiness for all the small as well as important things in life, to you, our friends, our clients and our colleagues.

In order to draw a sympathetic outline to the year that draws to a close, here is a small assessment. A fully active year, effervescent and enriching; some highlights regarding our business year:

1. In 2007 the business more than doubled its consulting staff. Eleven of us now serve you, as usability experts and the year should see the addition of more recruits. Keep an eye on the “Team” page of our Web site.

2. July: our company motto changed from “The Link With Your Users” to “Focused on Your Users and Your Business Needs.”

3. August: our Web site was subjected to an overhaul and saw the official launch of the new test lab with its “Eye Tracking Services.” This feature provoked a considerable amount of reaction within the IT community. This interest manifested itself with the commissioning of some very interesting Eye Tracking tests. It is interesting to note that the quality and richness of these test results have proven to be of considerable worth to our clientele.

4. September: we engaged the services of a new chief administrator. It was about time! Our expertise is usability not administration. The growth of an enterprise being a complex situation we prefer to expand gently, all the while giving our clients the service they have come to expect.

5.November: for International Usability Day we organized a “Pecha Kucha” with four guest presenters, each one more interesting than the next. More than thirty fellow attendees partook in the activities of this first ever, but not last, event of its kind. Keep an eye on this blog for dates of the next event.

6. December: This month saw the launch of two training courses; one on Personas, the second on Information Architecture. Soon new courses will be added, as there seems to a growing demand.

7. Finally, our multimedia designer Benoit Decomble put together this best wishes card for your enjoyment at: http://www.yucentrik.ca/fr/flash/yu_card.html. Thanks to you !

To conclude, the success of the enterprise is largely due to the devotion, energy, and ability to adapt of the people who make up the company. Without them the firm amounts to nothing. It cannot grow nor can it offer the quality of service that has built the company’s reputation.

2008 is the year of continuity because in June we hope to see you as we celebrate the company’s fifth birthday. As the saying goes, “Stay Tuned!”

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