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Aug 2006

15 candles for the Web!

To highlight the Web’s 15th anniversary, John Naughton, from the British journal The Observer, draws a list of the 15 Web sites that have made History.
According to Mr Naughton, each of these Web sites have contributed, in their own way, to build the foundations of the contemporary Web Experience.

In addition to the inevitable Google and eBay, let’s mention the presence of YouTube, Wikipedia, Blogger (that we use for our own blog) and MySpace to this list. These Web sites have showed to be extremely popular due to the fact that their users can, in many ways, participate, collaborate, be a part of an online community that’s always expanding, thus profiting from content that is constantly updated.

Here is, in my opinion, the “killer app” of the Web, compared to the other media: rich content, easily accessible and never too obsolete, presented in a way that is inviting enough so that we can say: “And why not me on the Web?”

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