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Year: 2012

Jul 2012

Thumbs up, thumbs down

  KDE Dolphin a innovative file manager From Nadir Ghezzal Dolphin is a free and open source file manager included in the KDE Software Compilation. Dolphin posses..

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Jun 2012

Inspirations & Frustrations

As of today several members of our team share with you, every week, their inspirations and their frustrations on things, objects, sites and technology. Enjoy!..

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Jun 2012

Women’s mental model: good user research

Amazing new lip gloss by Lise Watier, when you remove the cap, the applicator lights up and you can apply the gloss using the integrated..

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May 2012

Conference on Connected TV

Montreal May 17, 2012 – Web Vidéo 2012 – Conference on “The Connected and Smart TV. The Next Media Frontier…” at the Head Office of..

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Apr 2012

TV in 3.0

You’ve probably noticed connected TVs making their way into people’s homes and media conversations.  Yu Centrik has the privilege of beingable to boast its role..

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Mar 2012

Launch illico TV: the next generation

Videotron has invited the media to a press conference on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at which it will announce details of the launch of illico..

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Feb 2012

Design and Innovation

There are many different theories of innovation, here’s an interesting article on Disruptive Innovation Model.

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Jan 2012

Design for Communication with sketch

As I was opening a CAMINO chocolate bar, I saw this drawing on the packaging. This got me thinking about how large of a role..

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Jan 2012

TranspoCamp Montreal: A success!

More than 150 participants showed up yesterday at the first TranspoCamp organized in Montreal. A lot of ideas and a lot of creativity came out..

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Jan 2012

Facebook: more than a social network, a collaborative design tool?

Facebook as a social media platform to share photos, links, knowledge, experiences, opinions, thoughts, text, articles, events … Or as a rewarding promotional tool, as..

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