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Jun 2012

Inspirations & Frustrations

As of today several members of our team share with you, every week, their inspirations and their frustrations on things, objects, sites and technology. Enjoy!

From Ignacio Alvarez: “Today, relations between people have deteriorated to the point that a stranger will not be greeted as he passes by. Benetton has made a huge difference in the human to human interaction by not only creating a window that shows a live street in another country, but also by creating effects when a contact interaction is made between the two worlds. Enjoy!”

From Florent Alix: “Liquid Data presents a way of sharing knowledge based on the inner city movements. Everyone can add information: tips on locations, culture,  restaurants, on a a tactile map of the city. When the visitor places his smartphone on the surface, it is immediately detected, and the content can be added into the map. Placed in the center of a hotel lobby, it is likely that this interface will become a place of choice for customers.

From Nadir Ghezzal: “The concept of “Activities” in KDE goes a little further than the concept of virtual screen because it multiplies the workspace.  Each “activity” is related to a specific task (e.g. image editing…) and to a software and preferences (widget, wallpaper …).

More info on how to manage Activities in KDE and some Videos illustrating on how to useactivities.

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