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Canadians and their customer experience
Dec 2015

Canadians and their customer experience

UX-PM Certification in Paris

I read this morning the new American Express survey revealing that 3 out of 4 Canadians have spent more with a company because they’ve experienced positive customer service with that company.

Providing a high level of service can make all the difference. Here’s proof of what customers really need and really want.

Are Canadian companies leveraging the potential of good customer experience? Not really. The study found that 40% of Canadians believe businesses are paying less attention to customer service and only 2% of Canadians believe that companies exceed their customer service expectations. Do the math!

Our UX-PM international certification helps project managers, product owners, digital IT and marketing professionals to understand the importance of listening to the 3 voices, the Voice of business (VoB), the Voice of Customer (VoC)and the Voice of Management (VoM), to bring their customers great experiences.

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