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UXMasterclass 2015, Sydney – recap 1
Apr 2015

UXMasterclass 2015, Sydney – recap 1

UXMasterclass Sydney - Shailesh Manga

Disruption is the word to remember of the last UXMasterclass 2015 conference organised by PwC Australia Digital Change in Sydney.

Organisations need to move faster, change the way they used to do things, bring down the silos and integrate user experience in their process. Customers’ behaviour are changing all of the time and they want more and more!

Shailesh Manga, Shailesh Manga, Global Head of UX at GFK started his presentation with a procative title: “Adapt or Perish: Evolving your UX”.

He asks a first question: “Who believes organizations set out to deliver bad experiences”? “Probablement none, and the market is littered with them”.

Il discute comment la majorité des entreprises part avec l’ambition d’offrir un produit unique associé à une super expérience utilisateur, et il nous interroge : « Alors pourquoi est-ce que dans la réalité elles n’y réussissent pas? »

So Why dont’ they succeed? From his great experience, this user experience paradox is related to several factors:

  • The lack of knowledge and understanding of their customers
    • They don’t know who is using the product or service
    • They on’t understand how product or service is being used
    • They on’t know where the product or service is used
  • The lack of comprehension of their clients’ needs “Client’s needs are changing”:    Clients need to move faster
    • Clients need to think more holistically about experiences
    • Clients want more confidence in their decision making

To help with these changes experienced by organisations we work with, we, User Experience Professionals need to:

  • Challenge ourselves and move faster
  • Use leaner approaches and develop closer collaborations with our clients
  • Do more and more user research, in context and over time


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