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Videotron announces the new illico iPad app
Jun 2014

Videotron announces the new illico iPad app

The Yu Centrik team was in attendance today as Vidéotron announced the launch of the new illico iPad application.
We are very proud to have contributed to this outstanding achievement. The project was inspiring for us due to the dynamic we created working with the multidisciplinary Vidéotron team, including user experience, marketing, content, and engineering — all with a common vision. A big thank you to the team for this innovative project!
The application offers an easier way to discover illico content as it can all be found in the same place. Users also have the ability to create different profiles to personalise the display of content by theme. The application offers unique features such as the seamless transition from the tablet to the TV, the control of the illico terminal, and the ability to change channels on the TV. It is also integrated with Facebook and Twitter for sharing on social networks and with Wikipedia and IMDB for enriched information on movies, shows, actors, and directors. This is a long-overdue true second-screen application.
The new illico iPad application will be available in the coming weeks. In the meantime, visit the Videotron website for more information.

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