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UXMasterclass Bangalore
May 2014

UXMasterclass Bangalore

The latest UXMasterclass event was sold out and filled with an enthusiastic and eager-to-learn Indian audience. Over 300 participants attended the event that has received numerous positive testimonials. We thank our colleague in Bangalore PeepalDesign for organizing this memorable day and our journey to India.


One of the most interesting talks of the day was given by Parag Trivedi, Global Design Studio Leader at Wipro GE Healthcare India. Parag presented a case study of how GE designed an affordable and accessible incubator for new born babies in rural India. By using extensive user research and prototyping, GE addressed the needs of the community in the context of a high number of technological and financial constraints.

Some interesting data:

  • over 70% of Indians live in smaller towns and rural areas
  • 27 million babies are born every year in India
  • 0.8 million new borns die within 28 days

The presentations was very touching and showed us how a good UX approach can go as far as saving lives.

Another presentation was given by our own Marcio Leibovitch. Marcio introduced a customer’s journey to a holiday vacation using an experience map. He explained how experience maps have become a powerful tool for understanding business strengths and weaknesses. The presentation gave an overview of how a company can trace customers’ steps through multiple touch points and across channels, in order to improve its products and services.

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