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In the works: a UX certification for managers
May 2014

In the works: a UX certification for managers

Even if delivered on time and on budget, a project will fail if it doesn’t meet user needs.
Together with our partners at UX Alliance, we’re designing the first training program for managers who want an edge in using today’s UX methods to boost product quality and business satisfaction.
The course is now in beta. As part of the curriculum development, we’re observing and talking to executives, project managers, agile practitioners and UX specialists worldwide to understand what makes them tick and how UX practices can accelerate success.

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Be among the first certified UX PMs. We’ll let you know when the training becomes available in your region and how to register.

Be part of it

We need your voice! If you’re a project manager, product owner, agile practitioner or UX specialist with drive and exposure to UX, we want to speak with you.
You’ll help shape the next wave of UX-proficient managers and, as thanks for sharing your perspective, you’ll receive a 15% discount off the first training and certification session.
Interviews will run remotely in May 2014 and will take only 20 minutes of your time.
→ Schedule an interview with Joëlle at info@yucentrik.ca

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