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Nov 2013

Happy World Usability Day 2013!

Under pressure: users around the world reviewed smart blood pressure monitors

The UXalliance, a global network of 25 leading user experience (UX) research and design firms, managed and executed an international review of smart blood pressure monitors. Driven by the growing market for digital health devices, UX experts from 17 countries reviewed the purchase journey, out-of-box experience, and daily use of blood pressure monitors connected to mobile applications.

Overall, most users had positive first impressions of both the packaging and product, and were competent using the device on the first day across all locations. In fact, half of the participants felt more in control of their health at the end of the study and most said they would continue to monitor their blood pressure regularly.  The teams did reveal gaps in native language instructions, confusion with device recharging, and room for improvement in the Bluetooth connection process. The multi-country evaluation included Brazil, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, India, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, UK, France, Finland, Russia, Ireland, USA, Australia, Germany, and Italy.

As results did vary from country to country, this evaluation highlights the need for organizations to engage users in each of their markets. “The digital healthcare industry is exploding and users all over the world are accessing these devices. It is our job as UX researchers to support international healthcare organizations with insights to deliver satisfying and safe user experiences,” said Ilana Kaplan, Principal UX Designer of Optimal Experience and lead on this global project.

Released on World Usability Day, this review showcases international collaboration of UX researchers as well as highlights this year’s healthcare theme. World Usability Day, celebrated on November 14, strives to bring awareness to the usability of healthcare devices and the impact of user-centered design in healthcare.

Download the study and happy WUD 2013.

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