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Courtesy between bicycle-automobile-pedestrian cohabitation: ideas for improvement
Oct 2012

Courtesy between bicycle-automobile-pedestrian cohabitation: ideas for improvement

This year, the TranspoCamp forum proposed discussion workshops as varied as:

–   Seven ways to make walking as cool as biking

–   How to measure behaviour change in transportation

–   The promise of travel VS the challenge of destination

–   Secure bicycle parking neighboring subway stations

–   What is your ideal bus?

–   Encouraging public transport in the winter

–   How to create good publicity for the bicycle?

–   Transporation gamification and motivation for behaviour change

–   Daily carpooling

–   Etc.


Our workshop was entitled: “Courtesy between bicycle-automobile-pedestrian cohabitation: ideas for improvement.”

The discussion began through the sharing of diverse experiences related to everything from non-compliance with regulations to the stress and urgency surrounding accidents.  The goal was to address two substantive issues:

–   What role does the bicycle play?

–   Is there a lack of civility in Quebec?

Some interesting ideas also emerged on how to improve infrastructure (better signage, a traffic code for bike trails?), more stringent regulations (bike permits?), or a broader awareness of these issues (from the driving license agency or school).  Thoughts eventually turned to citizen behaviour and a return to the values ​​of civic education.

Example 1: a way to self-identify as a responsible citizen with respect to cyclists and drivers (self-adhesive, banner, logo, etc.).

Example 2: designated spaces for meetings and exchanges

Example 3: picking-up bikes abandoned in the street, painting them white and leaving them on the most dangerous corners of the city to remind people of highly accident-prone roads.

We had previously conducted a small survey in the street (video in french):

…and an online questionnaire.  Here are the results – do not hesitate to send us your comments or ideas!



















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