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User Experience – Beyond the interface
Jan 2012

User Experience – Beyond the interface

Year after year, students graduating from the Université de Montréal’s Industrial Design program showcase their work to an interested public. Though neglected for a long time, industrial design is now taking its place in the ergonomics and user experience industries.

This year, Chrystel and I were invited as jurors for the RAEDIUM prize. Each year, this prize is awarded to the student whose final year project excels in terms of understanding user-centered design and context of use. Our congratulations go to the winner, Hugo Messier, for his project R-Mano.

In this article, we present this project, as well as 2 other projects which deserve honourable mention.

R-Mano: Prehension Aid
by Hugo Messier

This sport glove allows the disabled to hold an object in their hand without using any force. It is designed for people with limited grip strength and dexterity while still having strength in their arms.

While still only a prototype, R-Mano has been tested and approved by people with handicapped hands.

Sysmo: Modular Support Bar System
by Chloé Tétreault

Sysmo enhances the experience of elderly people in the bathroom. Their attractive design, a definite improvement compared to existing systems, allows them to be fixed to the shower wall or bathtub. They allow for maximum grip and the rotating base gives the bars enhanced flexibility in terms of usage.

The support systems integrates seamlessly in the aging people’s environment, evolving with their needs and allowing them to keep their autonomy for as long as possible.

ICI : Public Transportation Targeted Information System
by Émilie Bonnier

The ability to select a route and find our bearings in transit may influence our choice of transportation mode. ICI provides users with targeted information at bus stops and inside the bus.
The goal is to improve users’ orientation by using their own personal reference points throughout the city.

For more details about these projects and to view the work of all the students, visit design.umontreal.ca.

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