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Aug 2011

Good news: we are moving!

With the growth we have experienced in recent years, we began to find our offices in the Plateau a bit small.

We were looking for a place that would be more suitable for our design needs and most importantly, a space that we can call a Living lab; an environnement where we can push further our passion for user research.

And … we found it!

Our new offices, now located in the heart of Mile End, will be larger but no less welcoming than before!

The Yu Lab will be equipped with the latest technologies for observing and capturing users behaviour.

The new lab will allow us to offer our clients an even richer range of services: focus groups, tests on all types of screens (mobile phones, tablets, PCs, TV sets) and in all contexts. We will be able to convert this space into a living room, a kitchen, a operational control room, in short, in all types of environments necessary for the studies requested by our clients!

The observation room will have a 15-feet two-way mirror and monitors for close-ups.

In addition, our War Room, dedicated to creative discussions and brainstorming, is ready to welcome you to exciting collaborative design sessions (we love them)!

Continue to follow us as we will invite you later this fall for an opening cocktail party!

So as of August 25, 2011, you can reach us at:

6615 Park Avenue,

Montreal, QC   H2V 4J1,

(corner of Beaubien and Park – View map)

We have kept the same telephone number: 514 523-5862

Thank you in advance for communicating our new address to anyone this may concern.

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