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May 2009

Yu Centrik invites you to its 3rd annual ChitChat!

Building on the success of our second ChitChat evening last year, Yu Centrik is repeating the festivities on Monday May 25th, at 5:30 pm.

Talk over a drink and watch a series of presentations on user experience – each one more interesting than the last!

The principle of the evening is simple:

  • Presenters take turns to present a theme (a concept, a method, an idea, a philosophy, a discovery, a new trend).
  • The phrase ‘ChitChat’ defines the evening:  presenters must demonstrate their concept in exactly 8 minutes, not a second longer.  The audience has 7 minutes to express reactions and interact with the presenter.
  • Music, videos, demonstrations… a highly interactive experience awaits you!

The actress Sylvie Potvin will be our moderator for the evening, and Montreal musicians from the indie scene will be happy to contribute to the relaxed atmosphere.


1. Joe Malloch and Mike Collicutt (CIRMMT, Schulich School of Music, McGill): “From Real to Virtual: A Comparison of Input Devices for Percussion Tasks.”

2. Marcio Leibovitch (Yu Centrik): “Asphyxiation by information overload”

3. Jay Vidyarthi (Yu Centrik): “The Potential for Technology to Expand Human Communication”

4. David Jacques (Customer Input): “Beyond Product: Service Design and Customer Experience”

Date : Monday 25 May 2009
Time: 17h30
Venue: Ô Patro Vÿs located at 356 Mont-Royal East, one street to the west of St-Denis

RSVP: Admission is free but book your place with Chrystel Black: cblack@yucentrik.ca

View presentations and photos of ChitChat 2008 !

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