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Oct 2008

Good news in website design: the BBC site

For the past few years, the BBC website has been my primary source of news.

The website design team is able to keep the navigation simple despite the large amount of information in multiple languages, without falling prey (it seems) to the temptation of creating a pizza-like homepage, as is often the case with news sites.

Is this the results of an internal motivation to focus on user needs instead of the demands of the different departments always asking for their place of choice on the home page? I am simply hypothesizing; if you have more information on their internal strategy, please let us know.

The new layout and organization of the website, significantly influenced by Web 2.0, astounds me by its simplicity, efficiency and ease of use.

Many strong aspects come to mind:

* Minimalist design and simplicity
* Reasonable flexibility and customization for content presentation and page layout (users can move the information blocks on the home page, users can change the colors and are able to reduce information density by displaying less info)
* Includes additional rich interface elements, videos and allows for user participation
* Transition to the Web 2.0 version of the site was smooth and well executed

The new design has yet to be propagated across the entire website, but it is great work. Impressive!

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