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May 2008

Review of the ChitChat on May 27th, 2008

Last night the second ChitChat Yu Centrik was held, and we can say without hesitation that the evening was a success!

Over sixty people from all sides of the Information Technology community of Montreal gathered in the warm vibes of O Patro Vys to witness five unique presentations. The topics were well received with clear crowd reactions of surprise and laughter. Five eloquent presentations on HTML 5, Feng Shui interfaces, Web 2.0, usability experimentation in physics, and the phenomenology of interactions … subjects which are rich and complex, at the very least. However, since the presentation formula was so rigorous, we also got to see the anguish on our presenters faces while they grappled with the possibility that they might not get their idea out in time.

I think it’s safe to say we witnessed the invention of some kind of vocal accelerator!

Luckily everyone saw each complete presentation thanks to the great leniency of the facilitator, who happened to “forget” to check the clock on a few occasions….

It was a great opportunity for networking; there aren’t enough opportunities for user experience and IT professionals to meet. Thanks to all who attended, we are already planning another ChitChat Yu Centrik for November.

If you missed the event, keep an eye on upcoming blog posts to download the presentations.

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