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May 2007

A good book for us and for our clients

In our field it’s important that our clients understand our working process and the steps we take before we get to the final results. It’s important because they need to believe in what we do and also be comfortable to collaborate during the project development process. We don’t just close ourselves in our offices and come out months later with magical deliverables. The work is always done in close cooperation with the client and it’s crucial that no step is forgotten or neglected.

Thus, here’s a tool I highly recommend: The Elements of User Experience, by Jesse James Garrett. The book was published in 2002, and it clearly explains the necessary steps a project must follow in order to achieve a good user experience. The book doesn’t discuss technical details and doesn’t give us all the knowledge needed to become a user-centered design expert, but this is not the goal. What it gives us is a model for establishing a clear communication between the usability professional and their client. The book is based on a diagram originally created by Garret back in 2000 and is a valuable tool that comes in handy as a daily guide.

A very good book with a quick and pleasant read. Its value lies in a series of clear and simple explanations about the steps of a project and the reasons why we should not simply find shortcuts during product development – something that happens very frequently.

I strongly recommend it.

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