Customer Journey Map

Analysing and mapping the multi-channel customer journey

What is a Customer journey map?

The experience map is a diagram representing the whole experience someone has with a product or a service. It gives a holistic view of the complete experience throughout multiple touch points and multiple interactions over time. It captures what people were thinking, doing and feeling throughout their process.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Demonstrates the impact of a multichannel experience in the life cycle or a product or service
  • Capture the emotional high and low points during the user’s journey
  • Identify pains which can transform into opportunities for innovative solutions
  • Identify positive aspects for optimisation

When to Use It?

The experience map is one of the best tools for a UX Designer, the one that builds a bridge between the different teams and departments. It brings empathy for the customers.

Customer Journey Map Lole Yu Centrik

What we Deliver?

A visual representation of a journey and recommendations for improvement.


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