Usability Inspection

Evaluating the usability of your products or services

 What is a Usability Inspection?

A usability inspection detects the usability flaws of a product or service. Also known as an heuristic evaluation, this evaluation is carried out by a usability expert. The inspection criterias will vary depending of the context and the product (e.g. web, computer, mobile, IVR, wearables…)

What Are the Benefits?

Usability inspection provides an expert assessment based on established heuristics, best practices and user interface design principles. This quick assessment method requires very little preparation and planning.

When to Use It?

Usability inspections can be carried out at all stages of the design cycle.  The evaluator’s experience is a very important factor.

What we Deliver?

Following a usability inspection, you will receive a document reporting usability problems, ranked by severity, with recommendations and possible solutions. This report is usually prepared in a synthesized format optimized for the use of the product/service design team and/or as a user story for an agile developement process.


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