Focus Group

Collecting perceptions and expectations

 What is a Focus Group?

A recognized method for gauging customer opinion. Focus groups aim to collect perceptions, expectations, habits and motivations related to a product or service. We purposely limit the number of participants to a small group (4-6) to get more meaningful insights. The focus groups can also be executed remotely with participants located in a different city or country.

What Are the Benefits?

Focus groups provide an opportunity to:

  • Understand the perceptions of a target sample and evaluate differences of opinion, and
  • get to the heart of the opinions, emotions, motivations and behaviours surrounding a product or service.

When to Use It?

  • At the discovery phase to support strategic decisions evaluating ideas and concepts
  • At the design and development phases to gauge user reactions and modify the product experience accordingly

What we deliver?

You’ll receive a strategic recommendations report. This report enables you to optimise your product or service according to users needs and expectations.


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