Emilie Bonnier
Deuxième photo Grand Splash 2014

Thanks to the team at Grand Splash for this wonderful event. Many of us face the morning challenge and demonstrate that it's possible to bathe in the waters of the St. Lawrence River in Montreal.

Benoît Meunier

The mere exposure effect, also known as the familiarity principle, describes a phenomenon that causes humans to rate or feel positively about things to which they are frequently and consistently exposed, including other people. All else equal, you will buy products, invest in stocks, frequent establishments, and engage in behaviors that are familiar to you based on past exposure. This can lead to suboptimal decisions and results and has no basis in rationality. It can also pin you in to situations that repeat past outcomes, which may not be desirable.

François Courtois
At the end of 2013, the CEO of Paypal said he turned to iBeacon to make payments increasingly invisible. This kind of support signals a bright future for this technology. 
Maya Wiseman
Cycling experience tips

As the warm weather sinks in, many of us turn to cycling as the transport mode of choice. Whether you’re reuniting with an old bike this spring or considering a new one, Yu Centrik’s engineers, designers, ergonomists and avid cyclists share their personal top tips for a smooth cycling experience.

Louis-Thomas Plamondon
Affichage tête haute du GPS Hudway

Who among you hasn’t had trouble getting to your destination by car despite using a GPS device? And yet wasn’t GPS supposed to eliminate this sort of trouble by replacing the copilot?

Despite advances in GPS experience design in recent years, a major problem persists: GPS navigation tools don’t enable drivers to anticipate next steps - unless of course they fix their eyes the screen rather than the road.



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