• Human side of innovation at Yu Centrik
  • User Experience Certification in Canada - level 1 UX-PM
  • Cross platform usability testing
  • We measure the multichannel user experience
  • We help you bridge the gap between today and tomorrow’s digital world!
  • The official Canadian partner of UXalliance
In-field study with building inspectors

Do you really know your customers? Understand their needs & expectations.

Task Analysis

Analysis of how a task is done, manual and mental activities.

User experience is science based

An engaging experience needs to be usable, memorable and aesthetics.

Prototype iPad

Prototypying is an essential step in the design of products and services.

Tests d'utilisabilité à l'international

We test globally on the five continents with our partner UXalliance.


Usability inspection detects the usability flaws of product or a service.



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