Louis-Thomas Plamondon
Affichage tête haute du GPS Hudway

Who among you hasn’t had trouble getting to your destination by car despite using a GPS device? And yet wasn’t GPS supposed to eliminate this sort of trouble by replacing the copilot?

Despite advances in GPS experience design in recent years, a major problem persists: GPS navigation tools don’t enable drivers to anticipate next steps - unless of course they fix their eyes the screen rather than the road.

Marcio Leibovitch
Manon Brouillette presents the new illico iPad app
The Yu Centrik team was in attendance today as Vidéotron announced the launch of the new illico iPad application.
We are very proud to have contributed to this outstanding achievement. The project was inspiring for us due to the dynamic we created working with the multidisciplinary Vidéotron team, including user experience, marketing, content, and engineering — all with a common vision. A big thank you to the team for this innovative project!
François Courtois
If you manage an e-commerce site, you’ve probably noticed that too many users add items to their cart without completing the purchase. 

How to increase your conversion and engagement rates?

Karine Grande

We have yet to understand people as well as doctor Samuel Beckett did in the American television series of the 90s, “Quantum Leap”. While traveling into the past, Samuel inhabited the bodies of various people and lived their lives in order to solve the mistakes that they would commit in the future. Although we can’t go to the same lengths as Samuel in order to understand people, we can still try. With empathy.

Maya Wiseman
Even if delivered on time and on budget, a project will fail if it doesn't meet user needs. 
Together with our partners at UX Alliance, we’re designing the first training program for managers who want an edge in using today's UX methods to boost product quality and business satisfaction. 


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