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User tests show the difficulties your users experience. Testing ensures satisfaction while reducing the risk of delivering an inappropriate product.

We validate and we test any technologies, products or services during and after launch.

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Usability Testing

usability lab - laboratoire d'utilisabilité
Ipad usability testing
Télévision et second écran
Testing reveals the participants’ experience with a product or a service.

Every product owner should observe once the behaviour of end users using the application, device, website... It's an enlightning experience!
We can test for you the effectiveness of a product, the ease of use, the performance, the navigation, the satisfaction and the emotions.

We do multi-platform testing and multi-screen journeys (computers, tablets, smartphones, television set, 2nd screen,etc.). 
Additionally, we can do eye-tracking studies which give information on what users are looking at on the screen.

Multiscreen usability testing


  • Easy to conduct. The approach adapts equally well to small or large samples of participants.
  • Measures user experience on various platforms and devices as well as multi-screen journeys (computers, mobiles, tablets, etc.)
  • Collects detailed information on body movements, postures, facial expressions and participants gestures, all captured and recorded from our in-lab cameras
  • Validates concepts for each phase of the process using an iterative approach and quick interventions
  • Allows live viewing of tests through a two-way mirror. Clients and the design team can see participants’ reactions while they’re using the product.
  • Simulates the real context of users and products in our laboratory space. For example, we can transform the laboratory into a living room to test an interactive television product or into a hospital room to test medical equipment.

What happens during a test?

Test scenarios are defined based on predetermined objectives, which may be qualitative and/or quantitative. A moderator asks the participant to explore the interface and perform specific tasks and to verbalise their reasoning.  Each interview session is recorded. Collected data is then analyzed to evaluate usability issues and users’ perceptions. The length of each session varies per project (15-60 minutes).

When to use:

User testing can be conducted at any time:

  • During the conceptual phase (ideation, mock-up)
  • During the design phase (wireframes, prototypes)
  • During the development phase (market-ready product)
  • After the product or service is launched (online, in-store…)

What you get:

Usability test results in a detailed report of observations (quantitative and/or qualitative), usability recommendations and strategic recommendations.

The report can be very short to fit an Agile mode or detailed as an executive format.

The design recommendations are based on participant feedback, interactions with the participant and non-verbal observations during the session.

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