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Action IVR
A study on IVR accessibility with illiterate people.
What we did: 
Focus Group
Interaction Design
Usability Inspection
Field Studies
Task and Process Analysis


The goal of this project was to improve the accessibility of automated telephone systems also known as Interactive voice response (IVR) systems.

These systems are quite complicated to use and often become sources of frustration for the majority of citizens but particularly for illiterate people (1) who do not always understand the vocabulary used.

We decided to create a short movie in collaboration with the literacy Centre La Jarnigoine to help the Government and companies understand the difficulties encountered by this population. We also proposed short, medium and long term solutions and an opening discussion.

(1) Illiterate people include 1.3 million in Quebec based on people who have serious difficulties in reading and writing, according to an international investigation study on literacy and skills of adults (2006). This means one in 5 adults. This is not a minority group.


  • Established a list of criteria and short-term design solutions.
  • Created a video to raise awareness towards companies and Governments to the lack of accessibility of Interactive voice response (IVR) systems.



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