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Study on Transportation
A study on the relationship between bikes-cars-pedestrian.
What we did: 
Field Studies
Focus Group


During the forum of TranspoCamp, we conducted a small survey in the street, an online survey with 86 participants and a discussion group. Here are some improvement ideas:


  • Infrastructure: More bicycle paths, wider, for different speeds, well maintained, streets fully devoted to cyclists and pedestrians, alternate crossing areas, increase visibility on the road for pedestrians at night, etc.
  • Regulation: Street code of conduct, better urban signage, bike licences, speed limits, more tickets, mandatory helmets and lights, etc.
  • Education/Awareness: Awareness in schools, raising awareness of motorists to bicycles, bikes to motorists, providing a universal way to move in Montreal, etc.
  • Community: Be less in a hurry, a logo on the helmet and on the car indicating that we recognize and respect one another, etc.

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