Created in 2003, Yu Centrik is a Montreal-based company specialized in user experience across multiple customer touchpoints & service design.

User experience and usability play a major role in the assessment and adoption of products and services. We help you develop positive and consistent user experiences across multiple customer touchpoints.

  • Multidisciplinary team (User Experience Designers, Engineers, Industrial Designers, Cognitive Psychologists, Computer Scientists)
  • 10 000 hours of interviews with users, local and global
  • 1000 products tested
  • More than 500 happy clients.

We're happy to announce UXstaff, our new division dedicated to UX staffing.

Our philosophy is team work and collaborative design

Team Yu Centrik - équipe Yu Centrik

Stuff we believe in

User-Centered Design (UCD) is the best method for designing a product or a service.

It is based on understanding Human Factors, or in other words, the needs, expectations, and cognitive abilities (perceptual, memory, learning...) of users, and their satisfaction, motivation and emotions.

We believe our work can improve and change people's lives.

What sets us apart:

  • Our innovative combination of diverse professional experiences, and background with creative approaches to define the user interfaces of tomorrow's products and services.
  • Our unique methods are applied in real usage contexts by a team of professionals oriented toward conceptual innovation.

Yu Centrik has served many major clients, delivering practical, efficient and innovative solutions.


We are the Canadian representative of UXalliance, a worldwide network of user experience experts. We share the same methodology and quality of services (under UXMasterclass Chicago 2011). See where the next UXMasterclass is going to be held.

We Are Part Of:

UX alliance Wavefront UPA




Tel: +1 514 523-5862

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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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